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Music Director

Influenced by his Derby-based grandfather, a hobbying organist, Joe embarked on his musical journey, learning the trumpet, horn, and tuba. At Canterbury Christ Church University, he pursued a music performance degree, delving into conducting and composition.

Settling in Leeds, he performed with renowned brass bands, including the Rothwell Temperance Band, Hepworth Band, and Marsden Silver Prize Band, before relocating to pursue an MA in Composition of Music for Film and Television at the University of Bristol. Notably, his composition 'Pandemic' won first prize at the "When Tuba Come One

International Composition Competition" in 2021.

In the realm of television, his soundtrack for the Australian wildlife documentary 'Firekeepers of Kakadu' aired multiple times on one of Australia's major TV channels "SBS" and earned both Gold and Bronze awards at the London Independent Film Award and Global Music Awards.

In the choir domain, Joe's composition 'Crossing the Bar' gained recognition at the Cheltenham Composer’s Academy, where he collaborated with the voice trio, Juice Ensemble. With guidance from local luminaries David Bednall, Dee Jarlett and David Ogden, Joe has prepared various choirs for performances alongside WPO, ranging from the Gasworks Choir to the Port of Sea Shanty Choir.

Collaborating with Arts Council England in 2024, Joe is currently crafting works commemorating the Longwell Green Orchestra's centenary. His leadership extends to choirs and wind bands, including the Bristol Military Wives Choir and Winterbourne Wind Band. Actively engaged with the National Children's Orchestra of Great Britain and Bristol Symphony Orchestra as a percussionist, he has represented the Flowers Band at the National Brass Band Competition in the Royal Albert Hall.

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