For a Newer, Artistic You

String Quartet

Violin Ensemble Practice

Mondays, 5pm

Since 2000, Westbury Park Orchestra has provided the city of San Francisco with a wide range of educational opportunities to discover their artistic potential. Our Violin Ensemble Practice allows interested prospects to get the training and expertise they need in order to break new grounds in the art world. Interested in taking our Violin Ensemble Practice? Get in touch below.


Ensemble Orchestra for Beginners

Tuesdays, 6pm

Wondering what you can do to get your talents recognized? Join a class! At Westbury Park Orchestra, we’ve got a wide range of events and educational programs designed to help you gain the skills you need to make it big. Our Ensemble Orchestra for Beginners track can be tailored to your specific needs and requests. Contact us for more information.

Empty Orchestra Stage

Sheet Reading Workshop

Thursdays, 8:30pm

Are you an aspiring artist who is looking for a way to have your talents be discovered? Our Sheet Reading Workshop is a great way into the industry. Whether you’re looking to gain expert advice or you want to work on developing the right skills, our Sheet Reading Workshop is taught by industry professionals, and we will have you on stage in no time!